Types Of Forklift Training


Those wishing to become professional forklift operators will usually require some form of training. A range of training types are available, either to individuals looking to break into this career or to businesses wishing to equip existing employees for forklift operation duties.

A wide variety of different training types are available. These can be sourced from a range of established providers, such as Impact Handling forklift training. Among the different types of training available for forklift operators are the following.

Initial Qualifications

These are the courses that will usually be required by those wishing to become professional forklift operators. This will train people who are not currently qualified with all the skills necessary to safely and effectively operate a forklift.

There are generally two types of training available for an initial qualification in forklift operation. The most common type is a novice course. This is aimed at those with little or no previous experience in operating a forklift. Usually, these courses take around five days to complete. By the end of it, novices will have learned how to drive and operate a forklift and be ready to begin a career in this field.

There is also a shorter course available for those who are not yet professional qualified forklift operators but who do have some experience of driving a forklift. This form of training will usually take about three days, as learners will already be familiar with some aspects of forklift operation and will therefore begin at a higher level. This course will build on the skills that learners already have, and develop them to the level of a qualified forklift operator.

Refresher Training

This form of forklift training is aimed at those who are already qualified forklift operators, but who would benefit from brushing up on their skills. It will not start from the ground up, as if learners were being taught how to operate a forklift for the first time, and will be much shorter than training for initial qualifications. Instead, it will simply remind them of certain principles and refresh the skills they already have, ensuring they are able to operate a forklift to a suitably high standard.

Refresher courses suit those who have not operated forklifts for a while and feel they would benefit from refreshing their skills, or those who qualified some time ago and want to make sure their knowledge is fresh and up to date.

Conversion Courses

This type of course is designed for those who already hold a qualification and might be experienced operators, but will be required to operate a different type of machine. It will teach learners how to adapt the skills and knowledge they already have for operating the new type, and also inform them of ways in which the new type is different from the machines they are used to working with.

There is also a similar form of forklift training available, commonly known as familiarisation training. This is a very short course, usually taking a single day, for experienced operators who are about to begin working with a new make and model of machine. This course is designed simply to help operators become familiar with the new type of machine.

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