Tips & Tricks to getting Auto Insurance Discounts

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Everybody loves discounts, whether it’s 2% or 55%–a discount is a discount and they are always welcome. If you’re buying something online you will always look for a special offer to get any sort of somewhat satisfactory discount. Festival seasons, Black Friday and Cyber Mondays always anticipate with eagerness because of heavy discounts on almost anything and everything. So, if you can get discounts on everything, then why not on auto insurance? But that’s what I want to tell you. Yes, you can get discounts on your insurance, too!

I have listed out 12 sure shot ways of getting discounts without having to lift so much as a finger. Some are pretty logical and some will outright shocking to believe. Ladies & gentlemen, let us proceed into the abyss of becoming masters of the auto insurance world: (Don’t get too excited till you read all of them. I’ll alternate between the obvious and the shocking to maintain adrenaline levels)

Obvious Tip No. 1Be a responsible driver. Drive like an adult and make sure you have an impeccably clean driving record. A clean record = low insurance premium.

Shocking Tip No.1 – Park your car in your garage. That’s right; cars that are less exposed to the outside environment and crime tend to get lower rates. So if you have one, use it, if you don’t, rent one, if you refuse to do that then tough luck!

Obvious Tip No. 2 – Buy a safe car. By now, I’m sure everybody knows that your rate also depends upon the type and make of your car. Some are safer than others so make sure you do your research before buying a car.

Shocking Tip No. 2 – Talk to your employer. Most people don’t know this, but some companies offer group auto insurance and most of the time they offer lower group rates.

Obvious Tip No.3 – Go crazy with the safety features in your car. Safety features (yes, airbags, anti lock brakes, anti theft devices and the likes) may not up the ‘cool’ quotient of your car, but think of it as buying gadgets for your car and just do it cause your ‘cool’ quotient will definitely go up with the extra money left to spend on yourself after scoring a great premium rate for all the safety precautions you’ve taken.

Shocking Tip No. 3 – Get a discount for being loyal. This actually sounds obvious, but not so obvious when it comes to the insurance industry, but surprisingly it is quite obvious except we don’t know how obvious it is so we find it shocking. Some companies like The Hartford auto insurance do offer discounts for renewal of your policy if you’ve stayed with them for long. All you have to do is ask.

Obvious Tip No.4 – If you’re a student then thank god you have to study! Full time students can get discounts if they maintain a ‘B’ and above average. You also get discounts for continuing education or taking defensive driving classes.

Shocking Tip No.4 – Let’s hope you have a safe job. Many companies offer discounts to people with professions that prove to be safer & cause less accidents. Engineers, scientists, teachers and doctors are known to be the safest kind.

Obvious Tip No.5 – Use the same policy for all your cars. Some companies will offer a multi car discount on each car for using the same policy.

Shocking Tip No.5 – Insure your assets with the same insurance company. This also is not very shocking if you think about it, but not many do it so it’s shocking for them. Some companies offer discounts on each asset insured if you assure that other or all assets will also be insured by the same company.

Obvious Tip No.6 – Compare policies. A little word of advice, just because you’re getting discounts doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compare policies. You still need to do that to see where you get, the better discounts and rates.

Shocking Tip No.6 – Just ask for a discount. Knowing about discounts is not enough. You need to ask for them. Take a tip from Tomas Mitchell. The New York Times tells his story. He paid an exorbitant amount of premium every year until he found it out that all he had to do was ask for a discount! And he got one!

There you have it. The tricks of the trade that will help you save a bit more money than anticipated. So good luck on your vehicular insurance endeavor and may all walks of your life be heavily discounted!




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