How Are Truck Accidents Unique From Automobile Accidents?


Not all motor vehicle accidents are the same. While each accident is unique, accidents involving trucks are often very different from those that involve automobiles.

Here are some ways that truck accidents differ from automobile accidents:

• Injuries from truck accidents can be much more serious than injuries from automobile accidents. Trucks are much larger than regular passenger cars, and a collision with a truck can cause significantly more damage than a collision with an automobile. If the truck is carrying flammable or hazardous materials, then the potential for severe injuries from a truck accident is even greater.
• The crash dynamics in truck accidents and automobile accidents are different. Trucks are not built like automobiles. Trucks are larger than automobiles and have a different center of gravity. This affects the way that trucks move. In an accident involving a truck, it is important to have an expert specializing in truck accidents assess what happened. These experts can accurately piece together a recreation of the truck’s movements. This will help to determine the cause of the accident.
• In truck accidents, liability might not be limited solely to the drivers of the vehicles. For instance, if the trucking company didn’t provide the driver with adequate instructions for how to operate the company trucks, then that company could be liable for the accident. Or in another scenario, if there was something wrong with the truck’s design, then the manufacturer might share liability for the accident. In other words, liability in a truck accident could extend beyond the driver to the driver’s company and even to the truck’s manufacturer or any subcontractors who provided parts for the truck.
• Truck drivers are subject to many more regulations than the drivers of automobiles. Therefore, a commercial truck driver who is involved in an accident may be liable for things that an automobile driver would not be liable for. Commercial truck drivers are required to do things such as take regular rest breaks, keep detailed records, undergo drug testing, and receive proper training. If a truck driver has failed to do any of these things, then that driver could be liable in an accident.
• Trucking companies retain lawyers to represent their employees who are involved in accidents. These lawyers are experts in the laws governing the trucking industry, and in navigating the complicated process for submitting insurance claims. Many automobile drivers do not have access to this kind of expert legal representation.

Since truck accidents are very different from automobile accidents, it is important for anyone involved in a truck accident to seek advice from a lawyer who specializes in truck accidents.

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